Available Courses

Currently offering a Visual Journalling Course in collaboration with the Goldfields Library.

The Art of Visual Journalling – A Six Week Program presented by the Goldfields Library.

The Great Escape – Intensive Journal Writing

This course was offered at the Castlemaine Community House in October 2019.

Lived Experience Narrative 

Telling the stories of our lives through writing and art is a part of human experience. Of recent times the use of expressive art to enhance our health and wellbeing has become the focus of communities and individuals across the globe. Having a narrative and taking the time to reshape narratives has proven to be a healing experience for many. Changing perspectives by listening to the perspectives of others has also been shown to be a good thing. Apart from anything it helps generate new ideas.

During these sessions, we will work collaboratively in a safe, supportive environment. We will pursue the idea that everyone has an important story to tell. We will spend time yarning with one another, extend our reach and interview people from diverse walks of life. We will also build up personal dossiers of our lived experiences and explore how to share our stories safely, for the benefit of ourselves and others.


Contact Heather Blakey at heatherblakey@fastmail.fm to arrange mentorship or to join Zoom courses. An eight-week course – 2 hours sessions – costs $200 when paid upfront. Minimum of three participants.