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Some writers view tarot as beautiful and liberating, a way to relax and explore the unconscious, and cite specific ways tarot has helped to offset writers’ block

Tarot is becoming more common as a tool for reflection. Many people have a practice of pulling a card every morning to help them feel centered and to engage more deeply with whatever happens that day. A lot of writers pull cards for their characters, or for direction when they feel stuck in their writing.

My latest course offering at the Community House is Card Slinging for Word Architects.


I am offering the Left of Centre Memoir course at the Community House in Castlemaine in February. Click here for details.

In collaboration with the Goldfields library, as a part of the Bendigo Carers project, I am offering a three week Art of Letter Writing Course

In collaboration with the Goldfields Library I am offering a 4 week Memoir Writing Course

 In collaboration with the Goldfields Library I am currently offering a one hour session about how to create a bullet journal in Instagram

Art of Visual Journal Keeping run in collaboration with the Goldfields Library Corporation July – August 2020

The Art of Visual Journalling – A Six Week Program presented by the Goldfields Library.

Footnote: The Art of Visual Journalling course proved to be very successful. Not everyone kept journals as a result but feedback from Barry showed that the course, and perhaps the notion of choosing to travel in our own backyard, ignited a creative endeavour. He wrote to me saying that “although I couldn’t quite get my head around it all, I was inspired to go out & take some photographs around central Victoria.  I began wondering about the early local history, imagining being there in the gold rush days, thinking what it would be like to be a horse tethered to a puddler machine, how it was for women & children, the political struggles of the miners etc.” This is the video this Banjo enthusiast went on to make. Enjoy!

The Great Escape – Intensive Journal Writing

This course was offered at the Castlemaine Community House in October 2019.

Lived Experience Narrative 

Telling the stories of our lives through writing and art is a part of human experience. Of recent times the use of expressive art to enhance our health and wellbeing has become the focus of communities and individuals across the globe. Having a narrative and taking the time to reshape narratives has proven to be a healing experience for many. Changing perspectives by listening to the perspectives of others has also been shown to be a good thing. Apart from anything it helps generate new ideas.

During these sessions, we will work collaboratively in a safe, supportive environment. We will pursue the idea that everyone has an important story to tell. We will spend time yarning with one another, extend our reach and interview people from diverse walks of life. We will also build up personal dossiers of our lived experiences and explore how to share our stories safely, for the benefit of ourselves and others.


Contact Heather Blakey at heatherblakey@fastmail.fm to arrange mentorship or to join Zoom courses. An eight-week course – 2 hours sessions – costs $200 when paid upfront. Minimum of three participants.

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